Day 18


Thoughts after nearly 3 weeks in Rome include: exhaustion, marvel, ineptitude, humor, gratitude.



Things are getting real


I leave in T-minus 11 days, so here’s an update on my progress.

If you don’t have time to watch the 6 minute video, here’s a very brief update:  I have received my visa and am mostly ready to go.  As I get closer to leaving, I’m also getting more nervous.  Through this, God is teaching me important lessons about fear, truth, and His sovereignty.


Today I stopped for coffee on the way to class.  As I was leaving I saw a little boy dressed in a Superman costume.  I thought about stopping to ask for a picture with a real strong superhero.  I thought of my class waiting for me.  I realized I had time.  But I kept walking.

I’ve never regretted anything so much.

Take time to love the people around you.

Me vs. Gravity: a tale of daily struggle


I was just part of the most epic showdown between me and gravity.  Let me tell you the story.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  I was on a diet, and yet I was allowing myself one exception: a peep.  I held in my hand that glorious, neon pink bird, like a precious gem, or an orb of magic light.

Alas, he was the last peep.

I stared at him, one last sugary miracle of this spring, come so late and gone so soon.  With much anticipation, I raised him to my waiting lips.  But as he neared my dripping, yearning tongue, that elusive bird slipped from my grasp!

I watched without breath as he fell to my bed, bounced off the sheets, lighted for a moment on the back of my desk chair, only to tumble once more 




                    onto the chair below, where he fell yet again and stuck in the gap between my laundry basket and my chair.

There, one mere foot from the floor, my wingless bird rested safe from his flight.  Without so much as a second thought for my safety, I threw myself after him and plunged down the gap between mattress and bed frame.  My grasping fingers stretched, but as I reached to free the bird, he slipped through my grasp once again and went crashing down to the floor below.  Deeper I plunged on my rescue mission, contorting the small portion of my body still on the bed to best anchor me down, lest I fall to my very gruesome death and never eat that sparkling peep.

At long last my fingers enclosed around my prize, and my face glowed with pride.  But the pride was fleeting, as I soon realized I was stuck.  To keep with priorities, I initially set my peep safely back on my bed.  I then proceeded to wiggle my body back and forth, inching slowly backwards up onto the bed.

At long last my dear peep and I were reunited in safety.

So I ate him.

The end.


“Drive to Dream to Live”


I want to take a road trip.

I’ve never been on one by myself or with friends, and it just seems like the thing to do in college.  I know what it’s like to get away and go somewhere new now, and I guess I’m a little drunk on the feeling.

I want to leave everything behind that doesn’t fit in a trunk, and drive everywhere.  I want the windows open until the sun and air and smells and life just pours in.  I want to stop whenever something catches my eyes, with no care for where to be, because I’m not even going anywhere.  I want to forget where I came from, and just drive, and sing, and meet people, strange people, and write, and take pictures, but not so many that I forget to enjoy myself.  I want to not have to worry about what I’m doing when I get back, or how I’m getting back at all, but to just take every day as the sun comes up.

I want to be free.



I know.

It’s all pretty cliche.  Every person who’s ever figured out who they are has felt this way.

But that doesn’t negate my feelings.

I can still be swept up in the intoxication of being me and being free.

What is this Feeling? – College Edition


What is this feeling, so sudden and new?

I’m done with reading; it’s not even 2:00!

My books I’m flushing

Straight down the toilet.

My test I’m crushing!

Oh please, I’ll do it!

Tired as a babe

Does it have a name?



Stupid, hard, demanding college.

All I ever do is study.

Let’s just say: I read all night!

Every single word, however small,

Makes me throw my books against the wall.

Is this what they call college?

Papers, books, and presentations

Fill my days, and my vacations.

It’s so gosh darn hard!

Though I do admit I like to learn.

Studying all night I rather spurn.

But I will be

Reading for forever,

Writing, crying, dying, maybe even studying….

This whole night long!

Ba-ba-BA  ba-ba-BA.

– page flip –   SOB.