Things are getting real


I leave in T-minus 11 days, so here’s an update on my progress.

If you don’t have time to watch the 6 minute video, here’s a very brief update:  I have received my visa and am mostly ready to go.  As I get closer to leaving, I’m also getting more nervous.  Through this, God is teaching me important lessons about fear, truth, and His sovereignty.


College 1.0


Yesterday I had the best weekend yet since coming to Hope.  In a period of 24 hours I saw an improv team, had theater rehearsal, went to a refreshing prayer night, attended the best church service, ate Japanese food after a Japanese church, heard a miraculous testimony of healing from a fellow student, and had a night of real talk, Downton Abbey, and doughnuts with some friends.

College is the time for these things.  No other time in my life will I have so little to do and so many people to do it with.

College is the time for fun and lots of it, but also the time to figure out who you are.

College is the time to be intentional with people.  We sit in class and have very candid conversations about addiction, death, and where God is in all this brokenness.  Now more than ever before I feel free to say what I want to say and know I’ll get supportive – if disagreeing – responses.  I can be completely candid about my faith, my hopes, my fears and feelings and beliefs.  When we’re out of college, it’ll be different.

But for now, I get to really live.

I get to take risks.

I love it.