Things are getting real


I leave in T-minus 11 days, so here’s an update on my progress.

If you don’t have time to watch the 6 minute video, here’s a very brief update:  I have received my visa and am mostly ready to go.  As I get closer to leaving, I’m also getting more nervous.  Through this, God is teaching me important lessons about fear, truth, and His sovereignty.


Week 1 and Week 4


Week 1 and Week 4

Over the past few years, I gained a lot of unnecessary weight. While I’m not dangerously big, I’d like to get back to a smaller size. This isn’t a weight-loss blog, but if I have something public holding me accountable, I’ll do better with my goals. So every Friday I’ll take a picture and weigh myself and post the results here for the world to see. This was week 1 and week 4. Since starting, I’ve lost 2 pounds! Keep holding me accountable, World!